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A Tree(s) Grows in DC

When I first noticed this tree, near where I live, I failed to grasp its unusual nature. On first look, it’s another large member of the pine family (don’t hold me to that – maybe a fir?).

On closer examination, something extraordinary is revealed.

You see the stump that has apparently been cut off:

Then notice that the trunk turns to parallel the ground and then rises vertically again.

And on closer inspection, you see the second trunk rising out of the first one half the distance from the center trunk to the point where the horizontal trunk turns vertical again on the right. This gives the appearance of two separate trees when you first see the high tops as in the first photo above.

I have no idea what event(s) led to this tree taking this conformation but it seems remarkable, especially for such a large tree adjacent to a busy city intersection. In any case, I have never seen anything quite like it after many years of tree hugging, so I decided to share it.