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Views from the Roof & Other Places

When we lived in New York City on the 50th floor of a mid-town tower with large windows on two sides, we enjoyed spectacular views, day and night. The photo above is the traffic headed south on 9th Avenue in the Before Times.

Here are a few examples of what could be seen from our windows on any given day/evening:

Washington, of course, is a “flat city” in the sense that is subject to a legislative decree that limits the height of buildings to 10 stories. Our apartment building, however, enjoys a developed rooftop extending all around the building that occupies most of a city block. Here are some of the views we enjoy from “up there:”

It’s not New York but nothing really is. We nonetheless enjoy our views, enhanced by a balcony that overlooks Pennsylvania Avenue just west of Washington Circle. All-in-all, pretty fine.