Bank to Customer: Your payment may have been canceled

Had an interesting interaction with Wells Fargo the other day.  When I logged into my online bank account to check a bill payment, a message appeared telling me Wells Fargo had changed its Bill Pay process.  Effective two days prior to my logging in “consumer credit cards cannot be used as a payment account for Bill Pay.”  The message later clarified that “if you are using a consumer credit card to fund Bill Pay payments, you will need to choose another payment account or your payment will be canceled.”

I don’t question that the bank has the right to stop accepting credit cards as payment vehicles for its online Bill Pay service, but the idea that it could do this without formal notice users of the online banking service is disturbing.  When I called to inquire about the precise meaning of the message and to raise the issue of lack of notice, the voice-from-India (wild guess on my part, based on accent) told me that she apologized, but that was it.


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