Note to Readers

I have discovered that I, and any other reader, can see comments submitted to my posts but my replies do not go back to the commenter through email. This is a “feature” of WordPress on which this blog is hosted.

If, therefore, you want to receive a reply to a comment, which I’m usually more than happy to provide, please (1) post the comment on the blog and (2) send the text of your comment to me at I will respond. Politely, no matter what or how you write. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading posts on this blog. I will continue to address issues of the times along with what I hope are interesting observations about life in the District of Columbia, in random order.

As a hint of things to come, I will be writing, not necessarily in this order, about Unregulated Capitalism At Work, the Threat of Guns to American Freedoms, a piece related to “Go Back Where You Came From,” a long piece about James Baldwin’s remarkable book, The Fire Next Time, and a review of the Mueller Report redactions on grounds of “ongoing investigation” (what happened to those investigations?

Finally, ShiningSeaUSA is also on Twitter at @ShiningSeaUSA in case you want to follow me there.

Thank you and get your vaccination as soon as you are eligible.

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