January 6 Commission Cannot Be Bipartisan

Manu Raju reports on Twitter:

Pelosi, on call, tells Dems re Jan. 6 probe that they can either: 1) Push for another Senate vote on commission 2) Create select committee 3) Allow existing committees to probe Jan. 6 4) Ensure one committee, like House Homeland, “take charge of investigation,” per source on call.

It’s time to stop the nonsense. The Capitol attack occurred almost six months ago. More than 400 people have been arrested but there are no trials scheduled as far as we know. Manhunts continue, presumably. Rumors are rampant about extent of pre-planning among white supremacy groups, involvement of Members of Congress and many other possibilities.

The trail gets colder by the day. The Republicans in Congress have made it clear they will not agree to anything in the way of bipartisan Congressional investigation of the attack. There is no reason to expect this to change. Ever. Mitch McConnell has been explicit that he sees no political gain for Republicans, only harm, in such an investigation. Retaining political power is all that matters to McConnell.

So let’s get over it. This is not a case where some small subset engaged in terrorist acts against the national government. The Capitol attack was instigated by Donald Trump who told the mob he was going to go with them to the Capitol to “stop the steal.” He had no evidence then and has none now to support his claim that the election was rife with fraud and stolen. The entire episode was an attempt to force his installation as president despite having lost the election. This was a mob of Republican supporters. It’s on tape. Republicans’ claims that the January 6 mob was “antifa” or “Democrats” or aliens from another planet are all of a piece – blatant lies.

Republicans cannot investigate themselves. And they surely will not. How many shouting matches do we have to watch in hearings in which the likes of Jim Jordan disrupt, interrupt and deflect to prevent any meaningful business from occurring?

Democrats, the fate of our democracy is on the line here. Republicans are not going to cooperate in a process that may well reveal the complicity of not only the former president but many members of Congress as well. It’s time to get on with the investigation. Rather than trying to do this through the blunt instrument of Congressional hearings, it should be  in the hands of the Department of Justice and the FBI. No matter what is done or how it’s done, the Republicans will cry foul and say Democrats are just trying to extract political revenge. Let them bellyache all they want.

Repeating myself, it is widely believed by credible authorities, see, e.g., the letter signed by 100 scholars of democracy at https://bit.ly/3pbvjJu, that the fate of American democracy is literally at risk now as Trump continues his Big Lie from his stronghold in Florida and millions of Americans continue to believe the unbelievable claim that the election was stolen. A solid investigation will surely take some months to complete, so let’s get on with it. Ignore the Republicans’ wailing. They have shown their true colors. They are not red, white and blue. They will object even if the investigation produces 100 percent reliable evidence so stop playing their game and move on without them.


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